Graphic Design

It was “Sensorial’s” first activity so it has years of experience for the professionals who develop, implement and assist in graphic design solutions compatible with the pursuit of the objectives of your company or your business area. The purpose of graphic design is to introduce seductiveness to the customer’s desired products. An activity where imagination and technology merges to create an appealing product, and intended to associate with a strong concept that encourages a consistent implementation strategy aimed at a market which is marked by competitiveness. If you intend to develop the aesthetic concept of your organisation through the visual language in an effective and attractive way, “Sensorial” will work on your project in a professional and relational in order to realise your product.


Visual Identity

The visual identity is a set of graphic element that will formalise the visual personality of a name, idea or service. At first glance, the objective is to inform, and establish with the person who sees it an ideal level of communication.
And how can your organisation be distinguished from all the others? The way it engages with its customers in a society composed of different consumers, comprehensive and integrated in a multilingual world makes the creation of an emerging identity that distinguishes your company from all others. No one wants a product with no brand, not a symbol of quality and worthy of credit in the area where it operates. “Sensorial” aims at finding solutions to boost your brand and make it consistent, seeking to translate your needs into actual ideas, involving a quick understanding and to avoid misinterpretation by customers. The professionals at “Sensorial” create and develop your identity with great accuracy extending it to all sorts of media and institutional supports.



The "Brand" is not an easy concept to define, but succinctly, we can say that in its broadest sense it is a distinctive symbol, which is visually perceptible used to create differentiation in the products or services of a company with their competitors as well as to certify the conformity of a product or service with certain standards or specifications. Creating a brand in “Sensorial” is to seduce and inspire the consumer, convey emotions and values in which people can identify with.


We live in a world where reality is invariably drawn. The design is a shape, without which the essence would disappear and nothing could be as it is. The logo is the visible symbol of the concept that you want for your company. In “Sensorial” we ensure your personality through the professionalism of our employees, by creating your graphics using expressive visuals, with unique design and style.


Development and Assistence

Recreate, evaluate, re direct and adjusting your brand, exposing it in an efficient and convincing form in another of “Sensorial’s” objectives. Effectiveness is always present in the services provided by “Sensorial”. Advising and supporting its clients and thus providing a  better image of your organisation, introducing innovation in order to make it better and with increasing competitiveness.

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